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  • HEAVY DUTY JUMPER CABLE - 12-foot length makes it easy to connect from one battery to another with 8 gauge rating will jump start most vehicles. Heavy-duty alligator clamp with comfortable handle for secure placement and easy positioning
  • RUBBER GRIP GLOVES - Made of cotton fabric and PVC dotted palm for enhanced grip. Stretches for comfortable fit.
  • COPPER STEEL BRUSH - Useful for many utility cleaning and removing rust.
  • Durable Storage Bag with front pockets and top carry handle
WARNING: Improper jumper cable connections can cause explosion resulting in injury.
Charging your vehicle's battery without the proper equipment or precautions jeopardizes your safety and the safety of those around you. Please make sure that you are wearing the correct protection and using the right tools. Read the instruction label carefully before using the jumper cables. High voltage may be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

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